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MPG Expands Network with Discounted Insurance Services to MPG Club and Events Members

MPG Digital Supply Chain Marketplace is pleased to announce the expansion of our network to provide discounted insurance services for companies and individuals. By forming a teaming agreement with one of the top insurance providers in the African market, MPG will leverage this partnership to offer lower rates and enhanced benefits, helping companies reduce costs and expand their operations in this growing region.

Comprehensive Insurance Solutions

Our partnership with a leading African insurance provider enables us to offer a range of discounted insurance services tailored to meet the needs of our clients:
Operational Insurance: Coverage to protect businesses from operational risks and liabilities.
Employee Benefits: Comprehensive benefits packages for employees, including health, life, and disability insurance.

Supporting Business Expansion

This initiative aims to support businesses in Africa by:
Reducing Costs: Offering discounted insurance rates helps companies lower their operating expenses.
Facilitating Growth: Cost savings can be reinvested into business expansion and development.
Hiring Local Employees: Lower insurance costs make it more feasible to hire local employees, fostering economic growth and stability.

Employee and Community Benefits

Through our insurance partnership, MPG is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of employees and their families:
Employee Benefits: Access to affordable and comprehensive insurance packages improves employee satisfaction and retention.
Community Support: Offering benefits that extend to employees’ families and friends helps strengthen community ties and support networks.

Our Commitment

MPG is committed to providing value-added services that support the growth and success of our clients. Our expanded network and partnership with a top African insurance provider underscore our dedication to helping businesses operate efficiently and effectively in the African market. By reducing costs and offering comprehensive benefits, we empower companies to focus on their core operations and growth strategies.

Join us as we leverage our new insurance partnership to create a more supportive and cost-effective business environment in Africa. Together, we can help your business thrive and contribute to the prosperity of local communities. 

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