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Hospitality Employee Shortage Roundtable Discussion

Delve into the critical issue of the hospitality employee shortage at our roundtable discussion. This event offers a platform for hospitality industry leaders, business owners, and professionals to address the challenges and seek innovative solutions to the ongoing staffing crisis. Join us for a candid conversation on the root causes, impact, and strategies to overcome this pressing issue. Together, we will explore ways to ensure the future sustainability and success of the hospitality sector.

Event Agenda:

Registration and Welcome Breakfast

 Opening Address

   – Introduction to the event and the significance of addressing the hospitality employee shortage.

 Panel Discussion 1 – “Understanding the Employee Shortage Crisis”

   – Experts discuss the root causes and the impact of the hospitality employee shortage.

 Coffee Break and Networking

 Panel Discussion 2 – “Innovative Staffing Solutions and Best Practices”

   – Insights into creative approaches and best practices for hiring and retaining staff.

 Lunch and Networking

Workshop Sessions

Coffee Break and Networking

Panel Discussion 3 – “Collaboration and Industry Resilience”

   – Discussion on industry-wide collaboration and resilience to address the employee shortage.

Closing Remarks and Q&A

Networking Reception

Join us for the “Hospitality Employee Shortage Roundtable Discussion” to explore solutions, share insights, and collaborate on overcoming the challenges posed by the employee shortage in the hospitality industry. Secure your spot today to be part of this critical conversation and drive positive change in the sector.