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Global Security Awareness

Welcome to the forefront of safeguarding our interconnected world. The “Global Security Awareness” event stands as a pivotal gathering for security professionals, policy influencers, and individuals concerned with the safety and integrity of our global landscape. In an age of evolving threats and challenges, this event offers a platform for knowledge-sharing, insight exchange, and collaboration on security awareness. Join us to explore the most pressing issues facing global security, emerging solutions, and the vital role awareness plays in the safety of our communities and nations.

Event Agenda:

Registration and Networking

Welcome Address

 Session 1 – Emerging Security Trends

  • Keynote Speaker: coming soon
  • Topic: “Global Security Challenges in a Rapidly Changing World”

Morning Break

Session 2 – Cybersecurity in the Digital Age

  • Speaker: coming soon
  • Topic: “Cyber Threats and Solutions in the Modern Era”

 Session 3 – Physical Security Best Practices

  • Speaker: coming soon
  • Topic: “Ensuring Physical Security in an Uncertain World”

Lunch and Networking

 Session 4 – Interactive Workshops

– Parallel Workshops on topics such as:

  •   “Security Risk Assessment Techniques”
  •   “Cybersecurity Hygiene for Individuals and Organizations”
  •   “Emergency Response Planning”

 Afternoon Break

Session 5 – Expert Panel Discussion

  • Panelists from different sectors discuss the challenges and innovations in global security.
  • Audience Q&A session

Technology Showcase

  • Explore the latest security technologies and solutions provided by exhibitors.
  • Interactive demonstrations and hands-on experiences

Closing Remarks and Networking


Weah Little

Oil & Gas Career Speaker

Sarah Scofield

Health-related Speaker

Sarah Scofield

Health-related Speaker

Sarah Scofield

Health-related Speaker